Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Bon Chon Chicken Experience

           Last Kadayawan (Aug19) we went to SM Ecoland to check the SM Agricultural Trade Fair. We then decided to have dinner at Bon Chon Chicken located at the SM Annex. We heard so much about this South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant that we got curious. The place was full, the lines were long and we have to wait to be seated. We still persisted because we rarely visit SM because it is far from where we live and we really wanted to try the "best" chicken in the world. We ordered the Two Piece chicken drumstick/thigh Ricebox(P145)

and Beef Bulgogi Ricebox (P145). 

        Both meals are inclusive of soda or iced tea. Luckily we found a vacant table but our orders were delayed. We waited for about 45 minutes but the staff were really accommodating and would follow up the kitchen for our orders. I have such high expectation about the chicken that I was a bit disappointed when I tried it. The soy garlic is crispy and tasty  but becomes a bit bland when paired with rice. The Beef Bulgogi was a bit on the sweet side. Over all we had a satisfactory meal but we still can't decide if it is the best chicken in the world that we decided that we have to go back.
      We returned after a week and the place wasn't full this time.We ordered the 2 piece chicken Ricebox again but this time we ordered spicy Mayo for dip. We also ordered Chapchae for our son.  The spicy mayo dip perfectly complemented the chicken and enjoyed it more. My son loved the chapchae. We can definitely conclude that the chicken were superb and we also wanted to try their other food on the menu. Bon Chon Chicken is now added to our list of favorite place to dine in.

Bon Chon Chicken
Location: SM Ecoland Annex Ground Floor, Davao City
Website: http://www.bonchon.com.ph


  1. Hi Raine!

    We tried Bon Chon last month, the chicken was okay but due to the publicity and otherwise "great" reviews, I too was disappointed. It was not a place I can bring my little one to. I also think their service could still improve by leaps and bounds. See you soon silingan! Hi to Kulay :)

  2. Try KoYo (korean yogurt ata meaning nun.) Banoffee flavor. :) Gamay man ang place unya, naga-take na lang mi kay daghan kaayo ug tao.

    1. Sige will try it kung makabalik uli sa SM or kung mag open na sa Abreeza :) Thanks for the tip

  3. Hi Flo, good value na sya no? Kaya nga lang medyo mahirap for families with toddlers. they have decent high chairs though, so big bonus na. Plus, sophie likes there sweet-salty chicken and "crunchy" chicken, so we will definitely be going back :)

    1. Yes good value jud. They'll open soon in abreeza so duol2x na sa ato :)