Saturday, June 8, 2013


 I had the opportunity to explore Sohoton Cove, Bukas Grande, Surigao del Norte last April. It is a 6-8 hours travel from Davao City. I came with 3 other photographer friends courtesy of Arthur Yap of "RTours Mindanao Escapade".  The place is breathtaking with turquoise waters to greet you when entering the cove. A friend said, it was like Palawan less the air fare. From the Municipality of Socorro it will be the start of boat riding to another because it is simply the means of transportation of the place from island to island. Here are photos of the place.

From the tour we went for a stop in a nearby community to buy gas for the boat and I was excited along with the two friends who are also into street photography and photojournalism. We told the boat driver that we will explore the place and take photos for 30 minutes.

We saw this lady who is baking bread  manually in a traditional way or I say, ancient way. :)

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